48 Vertical Wind Tunnels Listed on Indoor Skydiving Network

Years ago I decided not to go skydiving with my college friends. I considered jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, strapped to someone else, for hundreds of dollars, a bit lame. Plus, I was scared. Years later I heard of vertical wind tunnels and became very interested in trying indoor skydiving. On one of my cross country trips I signed up and tried it for the first time. I was hooked. I signed up for a series of lessons and spent more than I care to admit on learning to skydive, safely, indoors.

When I started searching for more vertical wind tunnels I could not find a website with a nice visual search of where these were located. So, I decided to set one up. If you know of any more verical wind tunnels let me know and I will update the website.

I hope this website is a valuable resource in your search for your next indoor skydiving adventure.